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Are you ready to grace the stage at the Vero Beach Theatre Guild?

Come audition in a positive and supportive environment.

Remember, if this show isn't for you, there are great ways to get involved like stage management, props, costumes, make-up, and more! 

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Cast List for Something Rotten
Congratulations to the following cast members for this upcoming production!

Director: Beth Shestak
Music Director: Gregory Harris
Choreographer: Lily Goulet
Assistant Director: Rebecca Kaylor
Rehearsals will be Monday - Thursday with some Saturdays

Nick Bottom: Jack Evans

Nigel Bottom: Cameron Panny

Bea Bottom: Caitlin Harris

Portia: Shayna McGregor

Nostradamus: Dee Rose

Shakespeare: Nash Shestak

Brother Jeremiah: Joel Shugars

Lady Clapham: Katherine Fenn

Shylock: Dawn Carter

Minstrel/ Chef 1/ Puritan: Allyse McFall

Peter Quince/ Horatio: Shane Carter

Robin: Bruno Rodes

Tom Snout: John Stallings

Snug: Wendell Remy

Walter Raleigh/ Francis Flute/ Master of the Justice/ Footman: Devin Reboyras

Thomas Dekker/ BB 1: Camryn Bird

John Webster/ BB 2/ Egg 2/ Astrologer: Lily Goulet

Ben Johnson/ BB 3/ Foreman/ Lead Man/ Door Man: Michael Dilks

Christopher Marlowe/ BB 4/ Man in Crowd: Terrance Taylor

Helena/ Chef 2/ Woman in Crowd: Angelina Dubois

Chef 3: Chantal Werner

Sad Little Egg 1: Kaylah Serke

Egg 3: Victoria Dowdell

Omelette 1: Alaska Jasmin

Omelette 2/ Puritan Woman: Jessika Adamson

Minstrel/ Puritan: Corinne Harris

Minstrel/ Puritan: Quincy Frandsen

Minstrel/ Puritan: McKenzie Shestak

Omelette 3: Gabrielle Manu

Puritan/ Psychic Woman/ Haggard Woman: Sandi Hellstrom-Leonard

Rosalind/ Puritan/ Panicked Woman: Savannah Tyler

Puritan: Kapprianah Anderson

Francis Bacon: Eryn Lawson

Eyepatch Man/ Announcer: Katey Custar

Puritan: Luciana Dettori

Messenger: Anastasia Trotter

Waitress: Jenelle DeLuca

Valet/ Puritan: Arron Pelc

Puritan: Sasha Martell

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