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Digital Theatre

Guild Online Presentations

During the shut down from Covid-19, volunteer Debbie Brandauer set up two special projects to keep the Vero Beach Theatre Guild active and in front of all our fans, friends and family by producing mini productions on Facebook and YouTube. We've had a great response with both the VBTG Digital Theatre and Monologue Mondays. Our newly appointed social media hosts Tevin Brown and Nikki Przedwiecki will be carrying on the tradition of the Monday Monologues which began in March; so if you would like to participate in this great stay-at-home-project, just follow the directions below. And if you just want to watch the many 5 minute mini plays or Monday Monologues previously posted, check out The Vero Beach Theatre Guild on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!

You too can be a star!

“Monologue Monday”

Video yourself performing a monologue. All monologues must be written by yourself, or royalty free. Videos should be no longer than 3 to 5 minutes in length, and Facebook appropriate. Once recorded, email recording to (Don't forget the 0 in the email address!) In the subject line, please state DIGITAL THEATRE SUBMISSION. You may need to use Dropbox if it is too large for your device to send. Once the video is received it will be reviewed by Tevin and Nikki and posted to Facebook and YouTube. Videos are posted in the order they are received. You will get a confirmation email telling you that the video was received, and what your posting date will be. Enjoy being a part of our theatre family!

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