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A Letter From Your New President

Lisa McNamee

Hi, my name is Lisa McNamee and I am the new president of the Board of Directors for our beloved Vero Beach Theatre Guild. The Guild is the oldest continually operating community theatre on the Treasure Coast, and on behalf of the new 2020-21 Board of Directors and myself, we are ready to face the challenges during this new world of uncertainty. We are committed to bringing joy, laughter, and quality entertainment to you, our patrons whom we hold so dear. During this time of self-isolation, our positive outlook and passionate commitment to the theatre are pushing us forward to the time when we can successfully reopen our doors and offer an escape and a night out on the town in our community.

The COVID-19 will not be what defines the Guild moving forward; in fact, over the past several months we have continued to make changes with our patrons in mind. When we do welcome our community back, you will see the newly remodeled and safe campus that include transforming the administrative offices, volunteer room, concession room, box office, and lobby to utilize our great space more effectively. We have also taken out the seats, removed the old carpeting from the auditorium, refurbished all the floors, and re-installed the seats with wider spaces between rows to accommodate for social distancing. We are so very thankful for the hard work and volunteer time that both Jeff Hall and Gerry Quimbly have performed; their workmanship will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

One of our cherished volunteers, Jill Hargrave has continued to work diligently applying for grants. Her hard work has paid off and we have been awarded a $12K matching grant from the Indian River Community Foundation for the remodeling of our rehearsal rooms. Jill was also responsible for the Guild acquiring a $19,845.00 from the State of Florida, Division of Cultural Affairs.

We have also organized a “reopening team” to focus on how we can make sure that all of the proper steps have been put into place based on CDC and federal guidelines to protect all who walk through our doors. At times the future can look overwhelming, but I am confident that we have dynamic and strong teams to tackle any hurdle that arises in the future. The following are the additional steps we are taking to ensure a healthy and clean environment so that you can “relax and enjoy the show”.

Although we have not yet reopened, we’ve been busy preparing for the big day with a comprehensive plan to protect you, our staff and performers.

What’s Changed

  • Smaller Audiences: Seating will be temporarily limited to 50% or less capacity and spacing has been adjusted for our guests to provide greater distance not only between seats, but rows as well.

  • Sanitizing Stations: Stations with hand sanitizer will be available immediately upon entering the building.

  • Surface Sanitizing: Auditorium seats have been shampooed and sanitized as well as door handles, armrests and other frequently touched surfaces. This will be an ongoing process throughout each and every show. Virus vaporizing equipment will be used regularly to kill viruses on all surfaces.

  • Restrooms: Increased frequency of daily restroom cleaning and sanitizing, including prior to opening, before and after intermission as well as after each performance.

  • Air Filtration: Industrial HEPA filters are being used in all air units.

  • Glass & Plexiglas Protection: Glass shields are being provided between our guests and our box office staff as well as a Plexiglas divider between box office windows.

  • Tickets: Ticket stubs will no longer be collected, and the ushers will be marking your ticket with a magic marker upon entering the auditorium.

  • Our Volunteers: Concessions, 50/50 and box office personnel, house managers, and ushers will be wearing masks and gloves whenever serving our guests.

  • Masks: Mask wearing is required when entering the building, during the intermission when mingling and after the performance when exiting the building.

  • Exiting the Building: After the performance, ushers will dismiss audience members by rows to alleviate congestion. Those needing wheelchair or walker assistance will be dismissed first.

  • Meet & Greet Lines: We have dispensed with the cast meet and greet lines on the patio after the show.

  • Healthy Habits: Monitoring the health of our staff will continue ensure anyone with symptoms is not coming to work. We ask that our guests also remain diligent in self-care and monitoring their own health.

  • What You Can Do: We encourage all our guests to maintain safe distancing of six feet from each party, wash hands frequently and wear a mask.

  • Now and in the Future: We reserve the right to change policies based on Governmental and CDC Rulings, along with all local health information.

While some of these precautions were in place before we had to close, rest assured we are continuing to add layers of safeguards to do all we can to protect the health and safety of our guests, staff and performers. We sincerely appreciate your patience and patronage and look forward to seeing you once again in our audiences!

Until we can meet again at your Vero Beach Theatre Guild, stay well and healthy.

Lisa McNamee

President Vero Beach Theatre Guild

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