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Reader's Theatre Returns this Season

The Guild is excited to announce that its 61st season will incorporate reader’s theatre productions known as the Apron Series as part of its regular lineup. Last season there were five such productions which were performed during the February Theatre Festival. The response was so favorable that we’ve decided to include at least four Apron productions each season. Apron productions are so named because they are performed on the part of the stage known as the “apron” in front of the theatre drape. Actors read from the script and use vocal expression rather than visual expression with sets and props to tell a story. For new and aspiring actors, this style is a great way to get involved and get your feet wet or be involved in performances that require a lesser time commitment for rehearsals and productions. This season The Guild will present four Apron productions. Sherman Sergel’s “12 Angry Men” will open in October and December will feature the holiday comedy, “Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol.”

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