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Guild on the Go Comes Home December 16th!

Guild volunteers, notate your December calendars for Sunday, December 16th at 2 pm. After years on the road, the Guild’s traveling troupe of musical theatre soloists, Guild on the Go, will be coming home to perform a free concert for Guild volunteers. New York New York Chicago! – will be the latest version of Guild on the Go’s popular holiday show. For December, 2018, this show is already booked at The Brennity of Pointe West, Oak Harbor, Pelican Landing, Regency Park, The Renaissance and Vista Royale, with two others pending. Guild on the Go has been under the direction of Larry Strauss since 2012. Current members are Scott Freshley, Lily Jaramillo, Shara Kyles, Alex Martinez, Katrin Peck, Amber Riggle, Robbi Rose and technical director, Shawn Webber. During the year they perform the latest version of another original Guild on the Go show that has been running for six years, Name That Musical. Larry is also in discussions with the Vero Beach Museum of Art and the City of Vero Beach on possible customized events for 2019, Vero’s centennial year. On January 5th, Guild on the Go will perform in Riverside Park for the Cultural Council’s “Celebrating the Arts” festival.

Guild on the Go receives donations for performances, which go directly to the Theatre Guild. Since 2012 it has also received two grants totaling $25,000 from the women’s organization, Impact 100. A portion of this money was used to purchase the Guild on the Go sound system and the Tommy Gate lift for the Guild truck. The remainder was turned over to the Guild. “Our purpose is to market the Guild, make a contribution to the community and have fun in the process”, says Larry . “Thanks to Impact 100, we have a sound system that is adaptable, from tight indoor spaces to the outdoor expanse of Riverside Park. We bring joy to people, many of whom do not have the physical capability to att

end Guild shows.” On Sunday, December 16, from 2 to 3 pm, the dedicated singers of Guild on the Go will share the joys of performing New York New York Chicago! with other Guild volunteers!

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